The Bongles

Their World

The Bongles are a brand new imaginative series of illustrated children's eBooks and printed books.


Available on iBooks and Amazon.

The Bongles series explores the world of the magical Bongo Planet with its colourful bouncy creatures and delivers a green environment message presented in an offbeat and fun way.

What readers are saying...

"So kid you not... we read a lot of kids' books... Ava tends to get pretty bored halfway through and we never get to the end. She listened to every word right to the end and wanted the next one. Lovely to read... just dances off the tongue. These are great."

"Eliza really loved the Bongles She said it was like Dr Seuss! She 'taught' her class of teddies by reading The Bongles book to them. I had a read too, and it's great and very eco-friendly. I love the rose-tinted specs. Genius!"

This is the Children’s book we’ve been waiting for!  Jack sits spellbound listening to the rhymes whilst staring at the quirky drawings.  Can’t wait till the next one!


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