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and The Crafty Crows

Below you can find the Teaching Pack for primary educators and guardians - this is now available to download.

The Teaching Pack accompanies and expands upon the learning the children will have begun through reading The Bongles and the Crafty Crows through activities, worksheets, and discussion prompts.

Please note that some resources are in the process of being updated.

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Guidance and suggestions on how to best make use of the Learning Activities, and to help prepare teachers and parents for using the book and answering questions with children. 

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Links to the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence. Divided into three sections, each section starts with a read-along with questions for a class discussion, and this leads into learning activities.

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Section 1, Activity 3

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Crate of Treasures Worksheet

Section 1 - Activity 2 & 3

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Section 2 - Activity 7

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Section 3 - Activity 9

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Section 3 - Activity 13

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Section 3 - Activity 13

Chatterbox Template

First Chatterbox and Instructions

Section 3 - Activity 14


Section 3 - Activity 14

The development of The Bongles and The Crafty Crows was supported by the Scottish Government in partnership with Education Scotland.

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